Magic Infinity

From “0” to ∞ _ Element 252. _ Bronze _ Year 2021 _ Size 27x13,5x3.3 cm _ Limited edition

Composed of numbers 5734 - 5735 - 5736 - 5737 -5738 - 5739 - 5740 - 5741 - 5742 - 5743 - 5744 - 5745 & 5746

The From "0" to infinity project - which to date comprises more than 275 exclusive and personalised works, large and small, commissioned and non-commissioned - lies in Paolo Grassi's idea of creating a work that is infinite but fragmented into Elements. Being the owner - even of a single fragment - gives a sense of belonging to From "0" to infinity.

A conceptual work guarantees great flexibility as far as its more physical component is concerned, but conversely imposes stricter conditions on the subject. The numerical sequence must always be strictly adhered to and is absolutely not repeatable.

The number-only project From "0" to infinity thus allows Paolo Grassi to express himself with different mediums, styles and techniques that are linked together in the conceptual context of the infinite work that underlies it, and of which each Element contains a secret in the technique of realization, in the materials, in the sequence and in the numerical composition.